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Parker - A Blind Great Dane Finds a New Forever Family

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Parker - The Blind Great DaneSocial media is alive and well. We are all in constant contact these days. This has brought Parker to his forever home. On a typical morning I recently settled at my desk, fresh cup of coffee in hand, and worked my way through my email Inbox and moved onto Facebook for daily updates. This brought me to the first posting I saw as the page opened and that was Parker. Sometimes you just know, somehow I just knew that Parker belongs at Forever Safe Farm.

Parker had a great home with a loving family that had him since he was six weeks old. He was born blind ...

... and his family was happy to take him in. As Parker grew his best human pal become ill with some health issues that make it very hard to care for Parker. A rambunctious Great Dane running full speed ahead...blind, hitting you head on is enough to make anyone brace for a fall. Please know that Parker is loved by his first family, very loved. They will continue to be a part of his life, just in a different way.

Our plan is to slowly integrate Parker into his new surroundings and to give him some time to adjust, nothing more than that for a while. Then we will slowly introduce him to the others we feel may be compatible with him. Puppy steps for now. We will be keeping you all posted. Find us on Facebook and like us to get updates on Parker and so much more about the residents of Forever Safe Farm.

Our Beautiful Great Dane - Parker

Karrin Campf

President and Sanctuary Director

Karrin's love of animals blossomed at an early age bringing any animal home that she could sneak past her parent's watchful eyes. Cats, kittens, bunnies...lead to dogs and now camels and elk. It was her good luck when she met Rob who had an equal passion for all animals, especially the "underdogs". The two of them have proudly stood side by side for a quarter of a century...dedicated to the animals that mean so much.

Together they have adopted three children from other parts of the world and have enjoyed teaching their children about animals and educating them about their proper care.

Website: www.foreversafefarm.org
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