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FSF Founder Karrin Campf

Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal sanctuary that is operated exclusively for charitable purposes.  We provide over 100 rescued and retired animals with a safe and comfortable forever home while educating children and the public about appropriate and healthful care of animals. 

Our rolling pastures, located in the rural community of Salem, Ohio, are forever home to a wide variety of animals. Concern for these animals has brought together an incredible and dedicated group of people with a common goal of making Forever Safe Farm an animal sanctuary.  Our team includes founders, board members, staff, and volunteers that enable us to provide sanctuary to these animals.  We are mutually dedicated to the daily provision of food, care, time, enrichment, exercise, and attention to our animals. Our committed team also raises funds to meet the dietary, veterinary, and other essential daily needs of our animals. The plight of those who cannot speak for themselves has spoken volumes to us!

These goals, that are the backbone of this refuge, enable us to ease the suffering of those animals that find their way to our doorstep and improve the quality of the remaining years of their lives.  With well-made plans, we will continue to provide the sanctity our animals deserve.  Past, present, and future unite to provide the best care that our combined abilities have to offer.

While we cannot always help every animal that crosses our path, we promise to care for those we can while honoring our commitment to the animals that already call Forever Safe Farm their forever home.

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